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The Whole Foods Turkey Discount That's an Unbelievable Deal

If you didn't hear, Amazon acquired Whole Foods a few months ago. Prices have been slashed across the country since the acquisition in an effort to make Whole Foods a more affordable grocery option. Beyond the original discounted food items, other things are starting to put less of a dent in your wallet.

In the same vein, Amazon and Whole Foods are presenting grocery shoppers with discounted holiday favorites this year. There are plenty of deals, but, with Thanksgiving just a few days away, we want to share with you a Whole Foods turkey discount you need to know about.

Organic and no-antibiotic turkeys will be discounted throughout Thanksgiving. The organic variety will run you $3.49 per pound. No-antibiotic will be a bit cheaper, ringing up at just $2.49 per pound. Prime members, though, will see even more significant discounts.

Amazon Prime has been helping us save for quite some time now. Prime will eventually be the ultimate in-store rewards program for Whole Foods shoppers. That said, Prime members will see their organic and no-antibiotic turkeys discounted even more this holiday season.

The Prime price for organic turkey is just $2.99 per pound. A no-antibiotics turkey is less expensive yet, coming in at just $1.99 per pound. We're not mathematicians, but it seems you'd be silly not to sign up for Prime in this case.

Beyond organic and no-antibiotic turkey, more prices will be reduced. Yogurt brands including Siggis, Chobani, and Fage are on this list. Prices on Applegate hot dogs, Pacific Foods broths, Organic Valley eggs and milk, organic beans from Eden Foods will also dip down a bit. You'll even see a discounted rate on Tom's toothpaste.

Our excitement about the Whole Foods and Amazon merger is ongoing. We look forward to a day when going to Whole Foods isn't a once-in-a-while-type treat but, rather, a regular weekly occurrence. For now, though, we'll just soak in the new discounts.

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