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'The Voice': Team Blake's Grace West Pays Tribute to Future Coach Reba McEntire


The first night of The Voice season 23 finale launched Monday (May 22) during which each of the Top 5 finalists performed for their chance to win. Team Blake's Grace West made her mark on the night by performing songs from two country queens. A standout performance was her rendition of "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," which was first recorded by Vicki Lawrence and then memorably rerecorded and released by Reba McEntire in 1992.

West took on a bit of a Reba-esque persona for the performance, showing up to the stage dressed in a head-to-do red outfit, complete with wide-brimmed hat and long, rhinestoned earrings. West's voice was crystal clear from the start of the song, as she appeared at the end of a long catwalk while fog rose up on each side of her. She sang a pitch-perfect rendition of the tune during the first verse and chorus, and she began making her way down the catwalk as she sang the second verse.

By the end of the song, West made her way to the front of the stage with the band and backup singers behind her as she belted out the last chorus. The performance showcased the proficiency of West's voice, and she singer also looked to be having a good time while performing.


McEntire is not just a legend in country music, but she will become a new coach on The Voice next season, replacing Blake Shelton after his departure. Both Shelton and coach Kelly Clarkson have close personal relationships with McEntire, so the song choice might have been a risk, but the coaches had nothing but good words to say to West.

First, Clarkson shared her love for the song, saying she "grew up on it," and she complimented West's delivery of the tune.

"I love hearing you sing," she said. "We've never heard you sing this kind of song before.  You have pretty falsetto, but you also have a lot of power."

When it came time for West's own coach -- Shelton -- to give his remarks, he shared nothing but pride for his team member.


"This season has been such a short season," Shelton said. "We haven't gotten to see the artists do everything they can do, but I thought it was really important and a good move for you to do something up-tempo... the way you were able to flow through it and play with it in the pocket a little bit towards the end, it was incredible!"

West also performed Patsy Cline's "Crazy" during the episode.

The Voice season 23 will conclude and the winner will be announced during the live finale on Tuesday night (May 23) at 9PM ET on NBC.

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