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'The Voice': Kelly Clarkson Wowed by Pop-Gospel Sister Duo's Audition


I don't know about you, but Kelly Clarkson has really become my favorite on The Voice. I love the way she is always bickering with Blake Shelton, which makes everything a little bit more entertaining. Along with Shelton, John Legend, and Ariana Grande, Clarkson has been watching contestant's blind auditions which is going marvelously.

By far one of my favorite moments in the show was when Clarkson was shocked by The Cunningham sisters during round four of The Voice season 21 blind auditions.

Macie and Marie Cunningham classified themselves as pop gospel artists from Hamilton Ohio, singing Tori Kelly's song Never Alone for their blind audition, impressing Clarkson and Legend. The two-chair turn was enough for both singers to convince the teenagers to pick them up as their own coach for the rest of their journey.


Grande didn't turn around for the duo but did welcome their talent to the show. She stated, "My heart hurts. I'm so mad right now. It took me a second, but I realized there were two of you singing before you started singing together because your tones are very distinct. What a privilege to hear you today, and welcome to The Voice."

Trying to reel them in, Clarkson added, "I've been to Ohio. My mom's from Ohio! See how much we have in common? You have so much in common with John Legend, right. But, you're here to learn new stuff. know how to navigate the competition, and I'm probably going to lose anyway, so I'm just going to go all-in. I'm going to start coaching you. You both have such amazing voices. On your own, you could have a career. I didn't know two people were singing until I turned around because I turned early. But, one thing that I did notice is that it wasn't perfectly in sync. You have to learn how to blend and to let each other shine within moments, and I'm good at that."

To which Legend responded, " I love working on harmonies with a group and helping you figure out the best way to arrange a song and take advantage of the voices. I would love for you to be on Team Legend."


Honestly, I assumed the young sisters would go with Legend since they were interested in the R&B gospel aspect, but they picked Team Kelly over Team Legend. Not only that, but Clarkson herself was even shocked  at the decision, running towards the stage to give them a big hug.

As expected, Twitter users expressed their love for the sisters on social media, because well, it was an incredible perfomance indeed. Definitely worth the wait! This duo is going to go far. Don't forget to watch The Voice, which airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 PM ET on NBC, to see all these amazing singers...and coaches! Are you Team Ariana, Team Blake, Team Legend, or Team Kelly?

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