Kelly Clarkson on The Voice
Screengrab via YouTube

'The Voice' Coach Kelly Clarkson Has a Warning For Blake Shelton


Kelly Clarkson is resuming her coaching duties on The Voice Season 23, and she couldn't be more excited to be back in the big red chair. And since she's back after winning the previous time she appeared on the show, she's warned fellow coach Blake Shelton that she's out for blood.

"I took a minute, but I'm back, and I'm very excited," Kelly said in a new promo clip for the upcoming season of The Voice. Throughout the clip, Clarkson also addressed a few questions posed by host Carson Daly about her time away. When asked what her favorite thing was about being back, she said she "didn't know how much she missed it."

"I won last time, I'm wanting to win again. I know it's the cowboy's last season, but I'm not going easy on you," she playfully warned Shelton, who she'll be reuniting with after taking her time away.


"I needed a little time off, but I'm just really excited to be back," she gushed. "I missed The Voice, I really did."

Later in the clip, she goaded Shelton saying "I'm back, I just got here, but I'm win!"

Shelton joked about his rival: "It's exciting to have Kelly back, because when she's gone, I really don't have anybody to truly fight with. When she's here, the fight is on,"

He continued: "She took a season off, she's re-energized, and that's why I'm about to take a lifetime off."


"I took a minute away, but I will tell you absence makes the heart grow fonder," Clarkson said of making her way back to The Voice this season. In between clips of the singer getting excited about prospective mentees, she made sure never to let anyone forget that, no matter what, she's going to be coming for Shelton.

That's the Kelly we know and love! You can see all the shenanigans when The Voice Season 23 premieres on Monday, March 6.

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