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'The Voice' Contestant Pays Tribute to Keith Urban With Original Song: 'So Touching'

During an episode of The Voice Australia, Keith Urban had a special treat! 32-year-old Kaylee Bell from New Zealand sang a song she wrote for Urban, which earned her a four-chair turn. Safe to say this is one of the best blind auditions I have seen.

With a guitar in hand, Bell began to belt out her song.

"I remember we were somewhere in your car / I fell fast when you stole my heart," she sang. "The long hot summer that I can't forget / I was hanging off every single word you said / We were summer on the speakers out on road / A little KU on radio / Hand out the window, sun sinking low."

She continued, "Singing raise em' up' baby ooooh / I know those days go by / it wasn't just wasted time / had a little bit of everything / making memories of you and me / yeah back when we were us / once in a lifetime love / can't help but think of you / hope you'll think of me / when you play that Keith / summer out on the speakers on the road / a little KU on the radio / Somebody like you / somebody like me / yeah, it sure feels good baby/play that Keith."

Bell's amazingly name-dropped around 13 of Urban's biggest hits throughout her lyrics, impressing the country artist, Rita Ora, Guy Sebastian and Jess Mauboy. The country singer was filmed smiling ear to ear, immediately pushing his button and turning around to see the singer-songwriter. The other coaches quickly followed, which earned her an immediate spot on the show. After the song, the coaches praised the contestant for performing an original track, especially one written specifically for Urban.

After her audition, Guy went on to joke, "We really got no chance then. So, you wrote a song about Keith and we all turned our chairs with hopes to get you to join our team."

Still fighting over the contestants in hopes she joins their team, Ora stated, "I'm just going to go for it because I also don't feel like I have a shot and I just want to say, you are made to be on the stage. To do an original in front of the person by the way that you wrote the song about. You took a huge risk and it worked. That was like a perfect package for an artist."

As far as the inspiration for the song, the contestant told the judges she wanted to write an original song that felt like the country singer's music. "I actually had this crazy idea of writing a song and cramming as many Keith song titles as I could into the song to tell the story. So, I think there's like 13 titles, but then you keep releasing songs with similar names like "We Were" and "We Were Us" and it just keeps growing," she explained. "I just wanted to write a song that felt like Keith because Keith has such a feel about his music that I really love and so that was kind of like the aim of the game was to write a song that felt like Keith's music."

Surprisingly enough, Urban revealed that he had actually heard of the song before her audition. "Kaylee, I know about that song because somebody sent it to me and told me about it. A friend of mine told me about it and I just couldn't believe how incredibly catchy it was and how much it sounded like the radio like right out of the gate," he noted. "I never had any song written about me before and the fact that you wrote it about the songs and the titles and the feeling in those is just so touching Kaylee. It really is, and I can't thank you enough for that."

Unfortunately, Mauboy used her block button to stop Bell from joining Urban's team, leaving the country music singer shocked, shouting "you're kidding. She's literally just singing a song with my name in it!" Mauboy responded, "Yes, she sang a song about you, but I said I was going to fight for her, and I meant that. I could give you country, I could even hear you singing Maggie Rogers, but regardless of that. You totally stand out and I love that about you."

Luckily, Urban understood the block, saying that Mauboy doesn't have a powerful singer like her on her team, which is why she was fighting for her. As expected, Bell chose Mauboy as her coach, receiving a hug from both her new coach and her muse!