If Your State Had an Iconic Alcoholic Beverage this Would be It

If your state could choose just one alcoholic beverage to represent it, what would it be? If you're in Kentucky, you'd probably say bourbon. If you're in Texas, it'd hands down have to be Shiner Bock. And Alaska? Hey, that's a good question. What do they drink in Alaska? Using a BuzzFeed Community poll, VinePair decided to dig deep into the United States drink culture and create this nifty infographic of the "most iconic beer, wine, cocktail, and spirit" of each of our 50 great American states. I'll give you one guess for California.

Ding, ding, ding! If you said wine then you're right. With Northern California being wine country and all it was a pretty easy guess. But how about the rest? Take a look to see each state's favorite alcoholic drink:

The United State's Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

Alabama: Yellow Hammer

Alaska: Duck Farts

Arizona: Prickly Pear Margarita

Arkansas: Whiskey Sprite

California: Wine

Colorado: Craft Beer

Connecticut: White Wine

Delaware: Dogfish Head

Florida: Mojito

Georgia: Georgia Peach

Hawaii: Mai Tai

Idaho: Craft Beer

Illinois: Bloody Mary

Indiana: Local Beer

Iowa: Busch Light

Kansas: Fireball

Kentucky: Bourbon

Louisiana: Sazerac

Maine: Coffee Brandy

Maryland: Orange Crush

Massachusetts: Sam Adams

Michigan: Oberon

Minnesota: Beertini

Mississippi: Mississippi Punch

Missouri: Budweiser

Montana: Moscow Mule

Nebraska: Red Beer

Nevada: Anything Fruity

New Hampshire: Bud Light

New Jersey: Jaegerbomb

New Mexico: Margarita

New York: Long Island Iced Tea

North Carolina: Moonshine

North Dakota: Busch Light

Ohio: Bloody Mary

Oklahoma: Lunchbox

Oregon: Craft Beer

Pennsylvania: Yuengling

Rhode Island: Dark & Stormy

South Carolina: Sweet Tea and Vodka

South Dakota: Red Beer

Tennessee: Jack & Coke

Texas: Shiner Bock

Utah: Root Beer

Vermont: Craft Beer

Virginia: Orange Crush

Washington: Rainer Beer

West Virginia: Moonshine

Wisconsin: Old Fashioned

Wyoming: Whiskey

Were you surprised at the United States Favorite Alcoholic Beverages? Raise your hand if you were surprised by Delaware? I thought not. They should practically name the state Dogfish Head.

Some of the others aren't surprising either. Simply order a beer in Pennsylvania and you'll be handed a Yuengling. And Cuban culture has such an influence in Florida I'm certainly not surprised by their love of mojitos. North Carolina and moonshine go hand in hand, Tennessee is practically married to Jack Daniel's, and Hawaii just screams mai tai.

What does surprise me is Minnesota. I would have thought Minnesotans to be more fans of Schell's beer, what with it being the second oldest family-owned brewery in the nation and Minnesota's first to produce craft beer and all.

And what's all this Lunchbox business in Oklahoma? I thought this was a beverage list? Okay, I admit. I've only driven through Oklahoma and haven't had a chance to drink like the locals. But apparently according to this infographic they love a good cocktail comprised of Southern Comfort, amaretto, orange juice, and beer. That sounds like a fine recipe for a hangover cure. I think I could get used to life in Oklahoma.

But probably not Utah. Outdoors wise yes, they've got a lot going on. But root beer? I hope it's hard root beer. And even then, I'm sorry.

At least they could single it down to one beverage though. You heard me all you craft beer loving states. Take a cue from Michigan and Washington and choose just one beer. Come on, I bet you can. In fact, I know you can because according to this Zymurgy poll these are the best beers in each state. So I guess they can choose a beer after all.

Which leads me back to my first question about Alaska. I guess they love to drink duck farts. Now, what in the world is that?

Want to know each state's favorite liquor brand of choice? Find out here.

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