The Underhill Family Orchestra Christmas Day
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Video Premiere: The Underhill Family Orchestra's Beautifully Melancholy 'Christmas Day'


Alabama-based band The Underhill Family Orchestra celebrates the beauty and melancholy of Christmas in their new video for "Christmas Day," which Wide Open Country is premiering today.

The song is an original tune from their three-song holiday EP Extra Presents, which the band released earlier this year.

The video for "Christmas Day" captures the band celebrating the holiday with caroling, Christmas dinner and presents against the backdrop of a man still reeling from heartache. It's a pensive, somber tune for a season when aggressive jolliness is prevalent. Put this one on your Christmas playlist between "Blue Christmas" and "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)."

"It just ain't a good Christmas without you in it, take down the stockings, return all the presents," the band sings. "Wish I could spent it with you, but ain't it a shame?"

Watch the video below.

The Underhill Family Orchestra frontman Steven Laney says the video represents the emotional tension we often experience during the holidays.


"We all love the time we get to spend with our families, both by blood and bond, over the holidays. We seldom have enough time with our loved ones and cherish the time we can spend with the special people who hold such important origin in our lives despite the glaring and uncomfortable differences between us," Laney tells Wide Open Country. "We wanted to make a video that established this duality of the family unit that we are all used to tightrope-walking in the holiday season. We aren't always like our families and we don't always like our families. We care about different ideas, vote for different stuff, have different preferences, and fare differently in the social pressures that these holidays so readily provide."

Laney says the video serves as a reminder to put aside pride and attempt to create emotional bonds and embrace differences.

"Even when we laugh together or eat together, we are navigating something of a minefield that could inevitably end in a tantrum, argument or, at the very least, a cold, unforgiving, and silent awkwardness. This video, perhaps handily, explores the internalized aspects of these human experiences and tries to navigate the contemplative motives behind the sort of choose-your-own-adventure way that our memories prescribe to document our life events, leaving our 'hero' to decide the end of his journey in his own, albeit macabre and (let's say) creative, way," Laney says. "We encourage everyone this year to tear down the precious, petty walls that we have put up to keep ourselves sequestered from each other and enjoy the diversities of the people around us this season--no matter their leanings, backgrounds or experiences."

The Underhill Family Orchestra released their album Tell Me That You Love Me in May.

For more information on The Underhill Family Orchestra, visit the band's official website.

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