The Ultimate Father's Day Whiskey Guide for Dad

If Dad loves to come home and pour a bitter sweet glass of his favorite whiskey, then he deserves something to go along with that. For Father's Day, we've concocted a mixing of fun items for the whiskey lover.

From whiskey stones to a field guide on the liquor, your dad will get his whiskey fix no matter what you gift. Check out the list below and give him something he will enjoy this Father's Day.

1. Bormioli Rocco Selecta 7-Piece Whiskey Gift Set

This beautiful decanter and glass set is sure to make your pops feel like royalty.

This glass set will sit nicely in his den and will pour up the finest whiskey on the rocks he's ever seen. Treat him right with this set for just $21.53.

2. Beverage Chilling Stones

These chilling stones are a fun way to spice up the average glass of whiskey. They are made to keep the beverage cool while protecting it from that watered down nonsense you get when using ice.

You can get this simple gift for just $8.95.

3. A Field Guide to Whisky: An Expert Compendium to Take Your Passion and Knowledge to the Next Level

If your pops is hardcore, this book might be the best book he's ever read. This is guaranteed to teach him a thing or two about his beloved drink while making him the expert at all the parties.

Gift him the power of knowledge for just $14.75.

4. American White Oak Aging Barrel 

Give your dad the option to age his own spirits with this aging barrel.

He can age a mean whiskey in this thing and it's only $44.95 for a one-liter barrel.

5. Whiskey Sipping Stones and Drinking Glasses

This set here combines the best of both worlds. Ice cubes that won't melt and beautiful drinking glasses are the perfect combination for any glass of whiskey. Get this perfectly packaged set for your pops for only $32.95.

Gift pops something he really wants this Father's Day by shopping our ultimate whiskey guide. We promise you won't regret it!

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