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The Surprise Cake Stand Sweetly Sends Gifts Through a Cake

The Suprise Cake will replace your gift box or gift bag you were planning on buying. For your next little one's birthday, a sweet surprise will be inside of the cake. Forget wishing on candles for a birthday surprise, a gift will pop out of your birthday cake with the Suprise Cake popping stand. Cakes from my childhood were pretty amazing, but imagine having a cake stand that shoots out candy and 20 dollar bills.

Honestly, this is more exciting than a piñata. Simply place your cake layers on each stand, and place the pop stand in the center of the cake. Choose between two melodies (Pop Goes the Weasel or Happy Birthday) and turn the crank. Turning the crank will definitely get the birthday girl's eagerness and excitement high. Once the song ends, the surprise inside the cake will come out of the top of the cake.

Surprise Cake-2 in 1 Popping Cake and Cupcake Stand with Music Box - Pop Goes the Weasel Melody

It won't ruin the homemade rainbow cake recipe that you worked so hard to make! So get your large bowls, cake pans, spatula, and frosting ready and preheat the oven! The pop stand will make a birthday party unforgettable. It's not just ideal for birthdays. This would be perfect for Valentine's Day. Imagine having a necklace or engagement ring pop out the top of a delicious chocolate cake! Double the sweetness.

Gender reveals have become prominent over the last year, so how about a unique cake reveal? Adding food coloring to the cake mix is outdated. Add excitement next time by putting fun items inside the pop stand to reveal the baby's gender. I bet you could take the popping cake stand to your local bakery and ask them to place it in the cake layers! The Suprise Cake is available on Amazon. Don't worry, it is reusable, so you'll be able to use it for numerous special occasions.

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