Song Premiere: The Steel Wheels Tell a True Love Story on 'Don't Want To Come Back Down'

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Virginia-based band The Steel Wheels (Brian Dickel, Trent Wagler, Jay Lapp, Eric Brubaker and Kevin Garcia) turned to their fans for inspiration for their forthcoming album Everyone A Song, Vol. 1. At the beginning of quarantine, the band asked listeners to submit their real life stories to be told through songs. The project is also featured on the podcast We Made You a Song, through NPR affiliate, WMRA.

Lead singer and songwriter Trent Wagler says the album's latest release, "Don't Want to Come Back Down," tells the true love story of a 25-year marriage. 

"This song was a surprise for Tracey Werner-Wilson on her and Ron's 25th wedding anniversary," Wagler tells Wide Open Country. "Ron wanted to pay tribute to the woman he loves. It contains various fascinating, but true stories about how they met (on an airplane), a New Year's baby that came close to being born in the back of their Mercury, and other musings on fate/coincidence."

The band recorded Everyone A Song, Vol. 1 separately, allowing for an element of surprise for each band member.

"Since we recorded all the songs in a sort of telephone game process, sending tracks down the line to the next band member, there was a shot of joy and surprise in opening up an email to finally hear what everyone added from their isolated studio," the band says. "The whole project has 2020 tattooed on its forehead; highest highs of complicated creativity when it works while always flirting with certain disaster."

Listen to "Don't Want to Come Back Down" below.

Everyone a Song, Vol. 1 is available for pre-order here.

The Steel Wheels released Over the Trees in 2019.

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Song Premiere: The Steel Wheels Tell a True Love Story on 'Don't Want To Come Back Down'