drink ice cold

This Simple Trick Will Make Your Drink Ice Cold in Two Minutes


Summer means porch swings, barbecues and cold drinks. But what do you do with that 12-pack of room-temperature sodas when guests walk through the door? YouTuber DaveHax knows how to make those cans ice cold in two minutes.

He puts the second law of thermodynamics to work to solve this common summertime problem. While that sounds fancy, all it requires is a bowl, some ice and a couple tablespoons of table salt.

Place the ice in the bowl and mix in the salt. The salt encourages the ice to melt more quickly, so the ice needs to pull heat from any source nearby to accomplish it's melting magic. That's where your warm drink comes into play.

Put the beverage in this magical mixture and in just a couple minutes you will have a cool, refreshing beverage ready to go. In fact, in two minutes the drink will go from a tepid 75 degrees Fahrenheit to a crisp 41 degrees.


This video shows you how to cool down a single beverage. However, you could bulk up this remedy and put a large bag of ice in a cooler and add about 1/2 cup of salt to the mixture to get a big batch of drinks ready for a party.

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