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Video Premiere: The Reckless Electric's Nostalgia-Fueled Rocker, 'Comeback'

If you've ever bemoaned the loss of lemonade stands, cassette tapes or your local roller skating rink, The Reckless Electric have a song and video for you. The duo, made up of quick-witted southern singer-songwriters Mary Bragg and Becky Warren, released their debut album Comeback on March 2. After crafting successful careers in the Americana and alt-rock scene, the two friends joined together to make an album of the kind of rollicking and empowering songs they wished they could've had blaring from their bedroom stereos as teenagers.

The title track is a nostalgic romp about the appreciation of true classics — things that will never go out of style ("dinner conversation, letters in the mail, camping out all night before the tickets go on sale") — and celebrates everything from boardgames to mohawk hairdos.

The video, which Wide Open Country is premiering today, is made up of clips of people from decades past enjoying those very things. It's a reminder that sometimes the simplest things allow for the greatest human connection.

Watch the video for "Comeback" below.

Becky Warren said making the video was almost as much fun as recording the song itself.

"Mary and I had a great time writing this song, but I was still surprised when it ended up being among my favorite tracks on the whole album," Warren tells Wide Open Country. "I have to give a lot of the credit for that to our band, who rocked the hell out of it and made it extra fun. I had almost as much fun making this video with public domain footage, largely from the Prelinger Archives, a treasure trove of home movies and other films that capture U.S. cultural history."

For more information on The Reckless Electric, visit their official website.

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