Home Alone 2

The Plaza is Offering a 'Home Alone 2' Package

When was the first time you saw Home Alone 2? For most, the Home Alone series is one that carries a lot of emotional weight. The series has significance for most, whether its most special to one's children or oneself. With that in mind, it's still hard to believe that the second edition in the series is now turning 25. Initially released on November 20, 1992, Kevin McCallister's second Christmastime adventure is older than most young adults today.

In honor of its very special 25th birthday, the film is being showcased by an infamous New York City hotel. That said, The Plaza is offering a Home Alone 2 package this holiday season.

The Plaza's Todd English Food Hall will be serving a blast-from-the-past, 1990s-themed menu. Dishes will include gourmet, Hot Pockets-style Todd Pockets and charcuterie Lunchables. There will be Funyuns and SpaghettiOs as well as Zima and Sunny-D-inspired cocktails to wash it all down.

Not interested in going to the dining hall? Don't sweat it. You can eat as Kevin McCallister did himself, ordering the retro food to be delivered to your room. There's also a sundae cart that can be summoned to your room as well.

In addition to the sundae cart and special menu, you'll get all kinds of Home Alone knickknacks. You'll get a themed backpack and five films on DVD. The room, if we didn't make it clear, is also included in the package.

It will cost you about $895, but it's all good. You can just put it on Dad's credit card.

You can buy the package between December 1, 2017 and October 29, 2018. That said, there's no need to rush. You can do things in the most authentic way possible, too.

You'll send the kids to The Plaza to experience this package on their own. (That's not a serious suggestion. We don't think Mr. and Mrs. McCallister would do things the same way a second time.)

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