Not Your Father's Bourbon

If You Like Not Your Father's Root Beer, You'll Love Not Your Father's Bourbon

Not Your Father's Root Beer is one of the most recognized hard root beer brands on the market. The spirits company that is owned by Pabst Brewing Company has been turning a childhood sugary favorite into an alcoholic beverages since 2012. Now, this line is about to make another name for itself with the launch of Not Your Father's Bourbon, a new product from the centuries-old spirit. That's right Not Your Father's fans, it looks like your future indulgent cocktail awaits.

Adding on the their portfolio, this is Pabst Brewing Company's first spirit to be released in the launch of their craft spirits new line. The small batch bourbon produced by the Small Town craft division - the same that makes the hard root beer - will be distilled at Minhas Distillery in Monroe, Wisconsin under the name Small Town Craft Spirits - which allows for private labeling.

If you're curious as to what the bourbon will taste like, in the true fashion of the Not Your Father's brand it will offer a subtly sweet taste with the unique flavor twist. The small-batch 86-proof bourbon will be distilled like traditional bourbon, but feature an exciting spin with the addition of Madagascar vanilla to reach a new generation of novice bourbon drinkers and whiskey drinkers.

When discussing why Pabst decided create this new bourbon for a top-shelf taste at an affordable price point, a Pabst spokesperson told Brewbound in a press release,

"The company is hoping to continue capitalizing on Small Town's ability to cross alcohol categories and bring new drinkers into the beer category, through its sweeter and non-traditional beer flavors.

By launching a bourbon made with "a touch of Madagascar vanilla," the company can reach spirits drinkers with a unique but more familiar product offering."

For now, Not Your Father's Bourbon is only available in Illinois and Wisconsin. However, the 750- milliliter bottles that run around $29.99 are set to launch nationwide come 2018. Until then, you can try one of their other flavors such as the Vanilla Cream or Mountain Ales that are reminiscent of varieties craft breweries are making. Cocktail connoisseurs in particular will be drawn to these flavors for the classic mixed drinks you can mix up.

There's even the Not Your Mother's line with flavored products like the Strawberry Rhubarb or Apple Pie if that's more your thing. While most of us will have to wait for the Not Your Father's Bourbon, anyone one of these bourbons on The Kentucky Bourbon Trail can happily suffice in the meantime.

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