The New Nashville: Carl Anderson

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During a time when songwriters like Brent Cobb are getting their shot at stardom after years of under-appreciated work, it seems like the perfect time for Carl Anderson to step in the spotlight.

His story starts like most New Nashville artists - far away from the Music City. The Virginia native relocated to Nashville from Charlottesville a few years back. Since then, he's become a familiar face around town, constantly playing shows and honing his sound.

In 2011, he released Wolftown, an impressive debut LP that he named after his Virginia hometown. Cutting and honest lyrics placed along sparse but intricate accompaniment melded into a solid introduction into the music scene. After years of evolving and creating in his home state, he made the jump to Nashville.

With a new environment comes new inspiration, and that's exactly what can be heard on his follow-up album. Anderson just released the deluxe edition of his record Risk of Loss via Velvet Elk Records earlier this month. The release takes listeners through a journey through introspective, acoustic driven ballads to guitar-led country-rock tracks. There's a beautiful variety of songs, all of which pull you into the narratives so beautifully sung by Anderson. From the haunting "Pills" to the inspiring, gospel-tinged "Hurricane Wind," each track gives you another reason to marvel at his genius.

If you're a fan of well-written, understated but emotional songs that tell real stories, Risk of Loss is a must-listen.

What He Sounds Like: A mixture of Jack Ingram, Rodney Crowell and a pinch of early Bob Dylan.

Required Listening: "Silver Lining", a nostalgic and bittersweet ode to a loved one that's passed on.

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The New Nashville: Carl Anderson