Richard Overton hospitalized
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America's Oldest Living WWII Vet Needs Your Help

Richard Overton bought his Austin home in 1945 for "$5 down and $5 a month." That was just three years after he joined the military. Overton went on to serve in the 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion during World War II. Now, Overton is the oldest living World War II vet, and he needs your help if he wants to stay in the home he loves.

While Overton can still get around quite well for his age, he needs a little help around the house. He's no longer able to take care of the daily tasks necessary to keep up a home and needs someone to keep an eye on him. Unfortunately, his family no longer lives nearby and can't be there day to day.

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For several years, a close friend was staying with him and taking care of him. However, she is 90-years-old and now needs medical assistance of her own. Unfortunately, the Veteran's Administration doesn't have the programs in place to help out much. Since he doesn't need a lot of care, they won't hire a full-time caregiver for him. The VA says that this aid is his family's responsibility, but they don't have the funds to cover it.

To keep the "American treasure" in his home, Overton's relative, Volma Overton Jr., is turning to social media and the public by setting up a GoFundMe campaign and asking for help with home care payments. Volma says that without this money, Richard Overton will have to go into assisted living care, which will devastate him. He fears that not being able to stay in his home will number the days Richard has left.

Why does he want to stay in his home? "I feel good, 'cause it's mine," Overton tells WFAA.

In just 12 days, 1900 people have given the family over $86,000 for homecare. Hopefully, with the money the family is receiving, they will be able to find excellent care for this beloved man.

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