The 'Nashville' Cliffhanger Finale May Be a Good Sign for Fans

ABC's Nashville came to a somewhat unexpected close last night, but the way the end came about could actually be a glimmer of hope for fans of the show.

Rather than putting the "final" in "finale," the writers of the show that has had a five-season run left fans wondering, in true cliffhanger fashion. According to TVLine, the show traded its original ending in for a more open-ended conclusion, providing the very real possibility that there is a future for the Music City-themed drama series.

TVLine explained, "In the version of the episode broadcast Wednesday night, Juliette was feared dead after her private jet went missing. The alternate ending had Juliette's plane touch down safely; an emotional reunion with ex-husband Avery followed soon after."

Giving dedicated fans more hope that the end of Nashville is only temporary, Lionsgate, one of the show's producers, has been using its Twitter account to update everybody about possible solutions to the cancellation. "#Nashies What a cliffhanger! But we won't leave you hanging," they tweeted during the finale. "There's more story to be told. #BringBackNashville"

So, what does this mean for you Nashville fans out there? It looks like you may get answers sooner than later. Until then, consider this our version of a cliffhanger...

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The 'Nashville' Cliffhanger Finale May Be a Good Sign for Fans