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The Silly Trick to Sneak Candy into the Movies That Might Actually Work

When Jessica Ruiz Gonzalez shared her movie theater snack trick, I don't think she imagined it would get 194k shares. The post quickly went viral as the people realized how genius it was to fill the inside of a hollow, Styrofoam dome with snacks and tuck that under your shirt as a "baby bump." Once Gonzalez posted a picture of her, appearing to be pregnant with five or six boxes of Milk Duds, the Internet went wild.

The price of movies in on the rise, and bottled drinks, snacks, and popcorn keep going up and up. They're almost unconscionably expensive - with a tub of popcorn creeping up over $8 and soda over $5. Most candies (that can be bought for under a buck at Walmart or Target) are priced in the theaters at over $4. And so, the Internet is filled with ideas of how to avoid the high prices and sneak food into movie theaters.

Popular methods include hiding food underneath baggy clothes or large bags. Most people get busted from the noise, and some movie theaters have cracked down on "food smugglers" by searching bags for candy contraband.

Earlier this year, Instagrammer Iamkeila.b  and her boyfriend used a baby car seat to sneak tricks into the theater. So is a fake pregnancy belly really that outrageous as a candy smuggling operation?


Ruiz Gonzalez's post has gone completely viral, even though she started it as a joke.  "Hahaha, all this when I was just playing around" she posted on Instagram. She asked followers to share videos or pictures if they gave it a try.

The internet has obliged with over 400 comments, one follower joking that it didn't work for him. I don't think this trick will work for the already pregnant or for gentlemen out there!


No movie theater employee would think to frisk an apparently pregnant woman, but there is one possible flaw in the plan. How do you leave the movie theater?

Do you shove the the empty bump under your shirt, ready to use it again, or do you risk anyone noticing that you came in pregnant but left without child?

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