10 of the Most Ridiculous Country Music Videos Ever Made

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Music videos: once upon a time, artists used to make money from them. Now? Not so much. At least not nearly as much as they used to.

But they're still super helpful in getting new music out to fans and most artists still want to make them. Lucky for us, that leads to some pretty amazingly ridiculous videos.

What constitutes ridiculous? Well, sometimes videos are obviously meant to be funny -- and they are, in a ridiculous way (see all of the Earl Dibbles Jr. videos for great examples). Sometimes, they're meant to be funny and just come across as weird, in a ridiculous way. And sometimes they're meant to be entirely serious and come across in the most ridiculous of ways.

Here are some of the most ridiculous country music videos since MTV popularized the concept in 1981.

Big & Rich -- "Coming To Your City"


Big & Rich love being weird, and their parade through Nashville in "Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)" proved it. But this follow-up video, complete with a guitar spaceship, an alien party and horrible graphics took it to a horribly ridiculous new level.

Give them credit for being good enough sports to make fun of themselves in the process, but this is the stuff of nightmares.

Thompson Brothers Band -- "Back On The Farm"

Man, the 90s could be real weird. The Thompson Brothers were signed to RCA Records but only ever got one single and one video out of their label deal. They clearly made the most of it, because the song and video are just downright strange. They alternate between somber and off their rockers, all while singing animals help out with the chorus.

We're not sure what to make of the ridiculousness, and clearly neither were fans nor the label. Never change, 1990s special effects.

Florida Georgia Line -- "This Is How We Roll (feat. Luke Bryan)"


A ridiculously dumb song deserves a ridiculously dumb music video, and the bros in Florida Georgia Line deliver (along with poppa bro Luke Bryan). Maybe standing on top of a slowly moving semi looked cooler in their heads. Or having a club-thumping party in the cargo trailer they are also somehow on top of.

The number of unnecessary bro-fives, the dirt bikes jumping random flames, the terrible acting at the beginning. If this is indeed how they roll, they need to reconsider their life choices. If you want to feel awkward the rest of the day, just watch Brian (the non-singing one) try to figure out what to do while Tyler (the one who fake-grabs his crotch a lot) mimes his terrible raps.

Rednex -- "Cotton Eye Joe"


Country music only by proximity to the classic fiddle tune, "Cotton Eye Joe" by Swedish electronic county band Rednex was one of those inescapably infectious songs of the 90s. The video, however, just kind of looks like it might be infected.

The Swedish band, which is actually still around and has had close to 20 members, makes a habit of dressing up like stereotypical country bumpkins. In the video they combine that look with a hazy barnyard rave and the inevitable "sexy mechanical bull scene" for a truly ridiculous video.

Scuzz Twittly -- Keep Yer Hands Off My PBR


This one is definitely NSFW. Really, it's not safe for any time. Scuzz Twittly is like the really poor man's Rodney Carrington, but just not quite funny enough to know if he's actually joking. The most ridiculous part of the whole video is that you get the feeling ol' Scuzz might be sincere.

And come on, we all know a few real-life Scuzz Twitty's out there.

Junior Brown -- "My Wife Thinks You're Dead"


Junior Brown actually won the CMA Video of the Year for this video in 1996. It may be cute if it weren't so creepy with the larger-than-life antagonist and the over-the-top old-timey feel that seems a little more like an obscure horror movie.

Keepin' It Rural -- "Funny Country Rap"


Well, if you weren't on board with "country rap" before this video, you certainly won't be on board after it. This nameless artist is supposed to be ridiculously funny, but it's really just ridiculously bad. Meme-worthy bad. It was uploaded in 2009 but somehow manages to look like it was shot in 1995. It's a submission to a contest ran by Keepin' It Rural, an outreach program by Farm Credit, which is the largest financial lender to farming and rural communities.

The biggest lowlight includes the line "street lights are a mythical beast" (followed by some stellar special FX). Perhaps the saddest part of all is the YouTuber who commented, "You know the singing part was really good if you guys would put some lyrics to it tht wern funny and could touch peoples heart you guys could become famouse" [sic].

Earl Dibbles Jr. -- "Merica"


The aforementioned Earl Dibbles Jr. (the alter-ego of Granger Smith) has four videos out now that aim to take the "country boy" stereotype to a whole new level. Much like Big & Rich, Dibbles found that new level in outer space.

This video is actually ridiculous in a good way. It's hilariously over the top and absolutely the best one of his videos since the first (the middle two kind of fell of). If you want to see Dibbles tackle a Nazi on his mission to be the first man on the sun, he's got you covered.

Lisa Gail Allred -- "3 Second Rule"


Despite more than a million views on this video (which was uploaded by a second party after the original was taken down, then uploaded again), you've never heard of Lisa Gail Allred. And while there are a whole heap of ridiculously bad videos from amateurs, this one may be the worst of all.

We're pretty sure this entire video is meant in complete sincerity. The casting call for cowboys must have been a fun read. For the sake of not ruining any fun surprises, we'll just leave it at that.

Bonus: Saturday Night Live's "Wishing Boot"


Uh, what?

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10 of the Most Ridiculous Country Music Videos Ever Made