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This is the Most Realistic Pumpkin Spice Cake You've Ever Seen

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Pumpkin flavored lattes, pies, and soups seem to sprout up right and left during the fall season. And, of course, no autumn would be complete without a good pumpkin spice bread.

However, Yolanda Gampp from How to Cake It has taken the pumpkin-baking tradition up a few levels. She's created a hyper-realistic masterpiece that you might mistake for an actual jack-o-lantern. Even Cinderella might be looking out for her new ride to the ball.

This pumpkin spice cake is combined with chocolate ganache, buttercream, and a carefully sculpted fondant exterior. She even sprinkles some spices on the outside so it looks like she plucked it straight from a pumpkin patch. Topped off with a hand-sculpted stem and a final glaze, this pumpkin spice cake ousts every other cake off the pedestal.

Yolanda has posted her unique takes on cake for nearly two years in the YouTube world, and she has created some of the most decadent, mouthwatering, realistic works of cake sculpting we've ever seen. She also created a severed leg cake, a gory human heart cake, and a masterful haunted house cake on her channel this fall.

Also, if you ever wondered how to make candy spiderwebs, she's your girl. However, if you feel like keeping it simple, check out the original recipe for this cake here.

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This is the Most Realistic Pumpkin Spice Cake You've Ever Seen