The Mavericks Frontman Raul Malo Gets Honest About Battle With Cancer
Photo By Rich Fury/Getty Images for Stagecoach

The Mavericks Frontman Raul Malo Gets Honest About Battle With Cancer

Raul Malo, frontman of The Mavericks, recently told fans he was diagnosed with cancer. In a video posted on both his personal and his band's Instagram pages, Malo goes into further detail. His diagnosis came as a result of some abnormal results flagged during a routine physical.

"Recently, the doctors found a few cancerous spots in my digestive system. Obviously, this isn't the news I was hoping to get, or to share with you all," Malo states. However, Malo quickly erred on the positives of his upcoming battle against cancer in a statement to Billboard.

"[Malo's medical team] reassured me this is a very common form of cancer, and my odds are good. Fortunately, we have a plan in place, and I'm feeling great! I'll continue to be as active as possible throughout these treatments, but it does mean a few shows may be affected this year, and we'll have more information for you as soon as possible on that."

Additionally, Malo had a message for everyone regarding the importance of keeping tabs on your general health. "It's important to take care of your health. And to see a doctor for checkups, especially if something is wrong. With modern medicine, these types of cancer are very survivable with proper treatment. But, if you don't get checked, you'll never know. It's important to do it for your family, the people around you, and those you love."

The Mavericks Frontman, Raul Malo, Remains Optimistic About Recent Cancer Diagnosis

"I'm sharing this message in the spirit of transparency and honesty, as you all have stuck with us throughout these 35 crazy years of music, shows, breaking up, & getting back together. We've even survived a pandemic together," Malo continued, "We'll get through this just like we have everything else. In the meantime, I want you to know I'm not going anywhere, and I'll look forward to seeing you all out on the road again soon."

As of now, it's unclear how this unfortunate news will affect the Mavericks' ongoing tour. For now, Malo's fans will have to join the Grammy winner in his unending optimism for a hopeful cancer-free outcome.