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Johnny Cash's Mom's House, the 'Mama Cash House,' is on the Market for $849,000

The house known as the "Mama Cash Home" at 185 Caudill Drive in Hendersonville is up for sale. Set at an asking price of $849,000, this historic Tennessee home was built in 1963 and purchased by Johnny Cash for his parents to live in since he and June Carter Cash's lakeside property was located directly across the street. While the lakeside estate burned down in 2007, the Mama Cash House is still standing strong, especially after current homeowners Brian and Sally Oxley renovated the property.

"Johnny Cash and June spent their last months in that home, because his eyesight wasn't well, he was in a wheelchair and his bedroom (at his house) was on the upper floor," Brian Oxley explained to the Tennessean back in 2018.

Brian and his wife worked hard to capture the look of the home back when the Cashes would have held family gatherings there. The Oxleys added retro furnishings and took down layers of paint to reveal wood paneling.

Notice how angular the house appears. Perfect right angles aren't the norm with this unusual build.

The 2,809 square foot house on Caudill Dr. has four bedrooms and three bathrooms on one acre of land.

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Whoever purchases the property will inherit an original family photo of the Cashes, a grandfather clock worth $10,000, and bright vintage tile in the bathrooms.

Johnny Cash's mother, Carrie, passed away in the kitchen with family by her side.

If you want to see where Cash once lived and even recorded a few songs, more photos of the Mama Cash Home can be found on

This article was originally published in 2018. It was updated on June 5, 2020 to reflect the new sale price. 

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