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A Map of the Companies That Employ the Most People in Each State

A state's own economy is largely dependent on quite a few factors, ranging from its natural resources to its location in the U.S. However, when it comes to the largest employer in each state, as this map shows, just under 50 percent of the U.S. (22 states, to be exact) can hold Walmart accountable for its employment. The giant corporation is especially prevalent in the Midwest and South, but what other employers are represented on a state-by-state basis?

The Largest Employer Report from 24/7 Wall St. is pulled from reviewing "employment figures for nonprofits and private and publicly held companies from company press releases, government data, business journals, local media reports, as well as statements from company representatives.

Military bases were excluded from the list as were public administrative bodies, while colleges, laboratories, and medical centers under one university system in the state were combined for the purposes of this survey.

One look at the map will tell you that Walmart is by far the largest employer across the U.S., and according to 24/7 Wall St., they are "by far the nation's largest private employer" and "employs about 1.5 million full-time workers in the United States."

Here's the breakdown for each state, per 24/7 Wall St.

1. Alabama: Walmart

Employs 38,041 people

2. Alaska: Providence Health & Services

Employs ~4,000 people

3. Arizona: Walmart

Employs 33,910 people

4. Arkansas: Walmart

Employs 53,310 people

5. California: University of California

Employs 190,000+ people

6. Colorado: Denver International Airport

Employs 35,000 people

7. Connecticut: Yale New Haven Health System

Employs 22,193 people

8. Delaware: Christiana Care Health System

Employs 11,100 people

9. Florida: Walmart

Employs 108, 321 people

10. Georgia: Walmart

Employs 59,371 people

11. Hawaii: University of Hawaii

Employs 10,106 people

12. Idaho: St. Luke's Health System

Employs 14,538 people

13. Illinois: Walmart

Employs 54,698 people

14. Indiana: Walmart

Employs 39,667 people

15. Iowa: University of Iowa

Employs 24,598 people

16. Kansas: Walmart

Employs 20,938 people

17. Kentucky: Walmart

Employs 30,181 people

18. Louisiana: Walmart

Employs 36,992 people

19. Maine: Hannaford Supermarkets

Employs ~8,500 people

20. Maryland: Johns Hopkins Institutions

Employs 51,725 people

21. Massachusetts: Partners Healthcare

Employs 68,000 people

22. Michigan: University of Michigan

Employs 48,060 people

23. Minnesota: Mayo Clinic

Employs 34,562 people

24. Mississippi: Walmart

Employs 24,898 people

25. Missouri: Walmart

Employs 43,203 people

26. Montana: Walmart

Employs 4,776 people

27. Nebraska: University of Nebraska

Employs 16,157 people

28. Nevada: MGM Resorts International

Employs 55,200 people

29. New Hampshire: Walmart

Employs 8,284 people

30. New Jersey: Wakefern Food Corporation

Employs 35,000 people

31. New Mexico: University of New Mexico

Employs 33,390 people

32. New York: State University of New York system

Employs 90,033 people

33. North Carolina: University of North Carolina system

Employs 74,079 people

34. North Dakota: Sanford Health

Employs 10,581 people

35. Ohio: Walmart

Employs 50,481 people

36. Oklahoma: Walmart

Employs 34,014 people

37. Oregon: Providence Health & Services

Employs 21,000+ people

38. Pennsylvania: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Employs 61,000 people

39. Rhode Island: Lifespan System of Hospital

Employs 14,000 people

40. South Carolina: Walmart

Employs 32,267 people

41. South Dakota: Avera Health

Employs 12,187 people

42. Tennessee: Walmart

Employs 41,487 people

43. Texas: Walmart

Employs 171,531 people

44. Utah: Intermountain Healthcare

Employs 38,000 people

45. Vermont: The University of Vermont Medical Center

Employs 7,860 people

46. Virginia: Walmart

Employs 44,621 people

47. Washington: Boeing

Employs 71,036 people

48. West Virginia: Walmart

Employs 12,321 people

49. Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin

Employs 39,000 people

50. Wyoming: Walmart

Employs 4,699 people

For more detailed data, visit 24/7 Wall St

Can you believe just how many people work at Walmart across the United States? They employ almost 1.5 million people in their stores across the country.

While healthcare and university systems also reigned supreme, it is interesting to see that food services and supermarkets also brought home the title in Maine and New Jersey.

This post was originally published in June 2017.

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