Joanna Gaines

6 Decor Items That Will Add ‘Fixer Upper’ Style to Your Home

If you're like me, you love watching home improvement shows like Fixer Upper. Watching a neglected home transform into something from the pages of a magazine is so fascinating. However, being able to afford that look for yourself often feels far from reach.

In hopes of helping all of us who fall under the category of wanting a Joanna Gaines-inspired home, I have gone ahead and pulled a few items that can take your home in the right direction. From multi-purpose storage baskets to string lights for inside and out, this list is sure to be a home decor checklist for all Fixer Upper fans.

Artland Oasis Carry-All Serve Ware

This rustic bin can store cleaning products and living room necessities. Or serve it up as a center piece with flowers in each slot. This fun carry-all container is just $19.99.

Clear Glass Mason Jars with Hanging Chalkboards on Galvanized Tray with Handles 

Here is another item that can be used in many different ways. You can use this set of mason jars as a place to hold the utensils or treats when guests come over. Or, simply stick some candles in there and watch the jars light up. These mason jars are just $24.99 today.

Decorative Reclaimed Old Wooden Ladder 

This ladder isn't meant for climbing to high places. Instead, use it as a place to drape your blankets or a space to house a pot of flowers. This easy and effortless decor is now just $24.74.

Bath & Body Works White Barn Candle

Speaking of a cozy smell, this mahogany teakwood candle is a personal favorite and is sure to add a touch of coziness and burning wood to your home. It's the perfect finishing touch to that newly renovated home of yours. Snag it now for just $18.50.

Living Goods Modern Vintage Wall Pocket

This wall pocket can be used for a multitude of purposes. You can hang it by the door to keep your mail in one place. Or you can place it in a home office for storing bills or other important papers. If you really want to get creative, hang it in the kitchen and store your sponges or snacks! This simple but ingenious basket is just $13.58.

Warm White Vintage Clear Glass Jar LED Fairy Lights 

These decorative string lights are great for revamping the interior of your home as well as your outdoor patio and garden. You can use them all year long to brighten up your living room. If you love to host outdoor evenings by the barbecue pit, these are a great source of light and are weatherproof. Get your now for only $9.49.