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The Internet Is Swooning Over 'Elvis' Star Austin Butler's Interaction With Sally Field

Acclaimed actress Sally Field was presented with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the Screen Actors Guild awards on Sunday, Feb. 26, which honored her accomplished career in the movie industry. It was a momentous occasion for Field, as her peers celebrated her achievements, but there was one moment leading up to Field's award acceptance that especially caught the attention of fans. Before Field's speech, Austin Butler, star of the 2022 Elvis biopic, took Field's hand to accompany her to the stage.

Viewers on social media were struck by the sweet moment, calling Butler chivalrous and a "gentleman" for standing up to escort Field.

He did the same for Jennifer Coolidge during the show, as well.

Once Butler led Field to the stage, the actress' Amazing Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield presented her with the award — a moment fans also praised. However, no one had a better reaction to Field's interactions with the young actors than her own son, writer and producer Sam Greisman. Although Greisman couldn't attend the ceremony, he was watching — and sharing his hilarious comments — in real time.

In regards to Garfield's sweet words to Field when presenting the award, Greisman hilariously tweeted, "Andrew Garfield really raising the bar for her real life family. We're not that nice to her!"

He then posted a photo of his mother between Butler and Garfield on stage with a straightforward remark: "She has better game than me."

When a fan commented to Greisman to share a photo of Field chatting with actress Amanda Seyfried on the red carpet, he shared another quip, writing, "Picked up another hottie."

Greisman kept the humor going throughout the night, even sharing his regret for not attending the awards show and being unable to hang out with Garfield.

"Not able to attend the SAG Awards, not able to try and flirt with Andrew Garfield, please pray for me and my pain," he writes.

During her acceptance speech, Field reflected on her climb to Hollywood star — from Gidget, to Mrs. Doubtfire, to Forrest Gump and more.

"In all of these almost 60 years, there is not a day that I don't feel quietly thrilled to call myself an actor," she said.

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