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The Internet Asked 16 People What Foods Make Them Lose All Self Control

We all have our guilty pleasures. For some of us, it's bowls of cereal with ice in them and for others, it's a good plate of chicken wings. Recently, Redditor bobloblawslawbloggs took to the internet to find out what foods make everyone lose all self control when eating. That's right, they wanted to get down to the nitty gritty and find out just what kinds of secret indulgences of which we're all guilty. The answers ranged from hilarious to seriously relatable.

We just had to share the 20 best answers with you because there really is no uniting factor like all of the foods that make us weak first in the knees, then in the stomach.

1. The pieces are so small, it's almost too easy to eat too much.

2. Is there a trend occurring?

3. They have competitive eating competitions for this.

4. Eating one leads to eating 1,204.

5. Let's just say Thin Mints do not work.

6. This person could indulge every day of the year by celebrating!

7. It's basically air...

8. The quesarito knows no bounds.

9. It's just too easy!

10. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

11. Hot out of the oven, they don't stand a chance.

12. Baked goods are taking the cake.

13. Is it possible to not eat the whole plate?

14. If only they weren't so terrible for you...

15. Plain RITZ?!

16. Nice and warm out of the oven, look out.


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