Hollering Pines
Ryan Tanner

Song Premiere: The Hollering Pines' Liberating 'She Don't Want to Be Found'

Salt Lake City Americana band The Hollering Pines tell a story of independence and self-preservation on the shimmering "She Don't Want to Be Found," a tale of a woman who gets out of a bad relationship by disappearing entirely.

The song, which Wide Open Country is premiering today, is told from the perspective of a friend who's reflecting on the woman's decision to vanish — a secret only she knows.

"She's a real smart woman, she could do anything she wanted in her life/ Except for get out from under the arms of a man who always held her just a little too tight," the band sings. "She said 'Someone has to disappear — it's either him or me'/ She slipped away in the night, my sweet Jane Doe/ Didn't ever even tell me where she planned to go."

Band member Marie Bradshaw says her interest in true crime stories inspired her to write the song, which gives agency to a character who's been abused.

"I am fascinated by true crime and 'She Don't Want to Be Found' (and several other songs on the record) grew out of that. There are too many stories of domestic violence ending tragically and of course stories of people who vanish without a trace," Bradshaw tells Wide Open Country. "I wanted to write my own character who is able to get herself out of a bad situation by making herself disappear. It's told from the perspective of a close friend and confidant who knows exactly why this woman is gone and knows she won't be back."

Listen to "She Don't Want to be Found" below.

The Hollering Pines will release their album Moments in Between on June 7. For more information on the band, visit their official website. 

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