The Bitty-Q: How to Turn a Beer Can into a Mini Barbecue

Got some empty beer or soda cans lying around? Don't send them off to the recycling just yet because after you get a load of The Bitty-Q, you're going to want to make your own. It's small, transportable, and it totally works! Whether your going on a camping trip or simply trying to impress your buddies, The Bitty-Q is the grill you can take on the go while staying within budget.

Hacking an empty Mike's Hard Lemonade can, Grant Thompson "The King of Random" transforms the ordinary can into a usable mini-barbecue that would make MacGyver proud.

Utilizing the empty can, a popsicle stick, a couple u-bolts, some hinges, a scrap loop, and a coat hanger, the can was #mikehacked into a barbecue fit for grilling up some delicious brats. The best part is, no matter where you go, with this itty-bitty grill you're only minutes away from enjoying the flavors of summer.

You've got to admit, that's a pretty awesome use of a Mike's Hard Lemonade can. There's even a place for the mini tong!

While this may be a bit fancy for a mini can barbecue, it certainly gets the job done. Sure, you can only cook one dog at a time, but come on, it's a grill made out of a can!

Even if you make the grill as a novelty item, you never know when something like this may come in handy. Plus, only costing you a few bucks from the hardware store and the price of whatever beverage you consumed from a can, this is one cheap, transportable grill.

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