Study: 'Biggest Loser' Contestants Suffer From Wrecked Metabolisms, Regain Weight

For years, The Biggest Loser has been helping contestants of all ages lose massive amounts of weight. The show, for the most part, has been pretty motivational for those of us at home looking to lose weight as well.

Unfortunately, some things simply are never as great as they first appear. According to a new study, contestants are able to lose weight, sometimes hundreds of pounds, but most of them wind up gaining it back.

One researcher kept track of one set of contestants for six years. Only one contestant avoid gaining any of the weight back. Sadly, most of the contestants found themselves regaining most of the weight they had lost throughout the competition.

Many believe these contestants have simply lost their motivation or become lazy over time, but this is not the truth. The research shows that they actually began gaining the weight back because their metabolism was slower than normal for people their size.

After the competition, these contestants were actually burning 500 fewer calories per day than what is considered normal. This means the contestants would need to drastically reduce the number of calories they consume in an attempt to maintain their goal weight.

What's most disappointing about this study is that it shows our bodies tend to fight back against our ability to lose weight. This leaves us struggling to fight obesity and maintain a healthy weight. So, if you are looking to lose weight, prepare yourself to fight against your own body to do so.

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Study: 'Biggest Loser' Contestants Suffer From Wrecked Metabolisms, Regain Weight