The Best of Twitter's #FarmingPickupLines

Twitter has changed the way people communicate in the modern age, and now it brings us farming pickup lines. The creators probably never realized how perfect the platform would be for one-liners. Jimmy Fallon creates hashtags that invariably become worldwide trending topics, such as #AdviceFromBigFoot, and #DescribeAMoviePlotIn5Words. Jimmy Kimmel has made celebrities reading "mean tweets" quite popular as well. Now Twitter has brought us a new gem; farming pickup lines. Here are some of the best, or shall we say, the worst.

The face that launched a thousand combines.

Nope, it's definitely a cob of corn.

What better way to get acquainted?

And your sister, too.

That makes one of us.

Okay but only if you're a tractor to me.


And if it had been a donkey?

No, I'm pretty sure it is, actually.

Let's not and say we did.

Chicks are cool, cocks, not so much.


This Brave Farmer Risked His Life to Save His Crops:

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The Best of Twitter's #FarmingPickupLines