These Unique Kitchen and Garden Gifts Are Perfect for Mother's Day

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If you're shopping for someone who loves cooking, baking, and gardening (and right now, that's exactly what we're doing in preparation for Mother's Day!) — you'd think it'd be easy. The problem is: there's so many options — and so many are products that don't feel special enough. After all, does your favorite cook really need another silicone spatula? Doesn't your beloved green thumb have enough flower pots? Luckily, we've done some work for you — we've curated the best kitchen and garden gifts that are thoughtful, interesting, and sure to be a hit. From a gorgeous potting bench to a brilliant cold brew maker that will keep your coffee cold for 24 hours, these unique kitchen gifts and smart gardening finds are wonderful for Mother's Day and so many more occasions.

Kitchen Gifts

1. These Pretty & Reusable Dish Towels

Papaya Fruit Salad Dish Towels - Papaya, $36.00 (4 Sheets, 2 Hanging Hooks)

These eco-friendly, reusable dish towels are a great gift for someone who ends up using too much paper towels rolls while cooking — and each one is the equivalent of 17 towels before they need to be washed. To wash these 100% compostable cloths, you can put them in your washer, use warm water, or just throw them in your dishwasher (yep — that easy). They're made of cotton and natural cellulose, which means you won't get that mildew smell over time that you would with traditional cloths. This little gift pack even comes with two hanging hooks, so you can stick them anywhere in your kitchen. Choose from so many cute designs.

2. A Delicious & Fun Doughnut Baking Kit

Lemon Lavender Doughnut Baking Kit, Farm Steady, $25.00 

FarmSteady is your one-stop baking shop for all the yummy treats that seem complicated to make — but this lavender lemon doughnut kit has everything you need to make delicious brunch treats that are so simple. All you need are the pantry staples (in this case, milk, butter, and eggs). Reviewers say these are delicious as they are beautiful.

3. A Cold Brew Maker For Anyone On-The-Go

Asobu Portable Cold Brew Maker - $46.99, Amazon

A brilliant product for everyone picky about coffee, this cold brew maker is easy to use and makes delicious, quality coffee without the coffeeshop price. It comes with the maker itself — just add medium-grind coffee to the top and let it steep for 12 hours. After that, you'll have cold brew that stays cold for a whole day, and it won't be watered down or overly acidic. It comes with a to-go mug (choose from a few colorways) so you'll be able to make this overnight and take it with you in the morning. It's small and sturdy, so it's great for RV travel or work trips.

4. The Portable Cooler for Beach Days and Beyond

StowCold Portable Cooler - $58.00, Amazon

Take bottles of wine to the park, a picnic, or just outside on the porch. Bring a few beers to the beach or while hiking. This portable cooler has a semi-rigid exterior so it protects glass from breaking, and you don't need to use ice to make this work. It's lightweight and can fit three full-sized wine bottles, six beer bottles, or 10 cans.

5. A Sweet Treat for Any Occasion

Berry Favorites Kit - $59.95, Stonewall Kitchen

This fun kit feels gift-y, but it's also useful — how many gift baskets have you received where you don't use or want everything? Good news, that won't be the case with this fun berry gift basket from fan-favorite brand Stonewall Kitchen. It's filled with Blueberry Scone Mix, Blueberry Pancake Mix, three delicious and high-quality jam flavors (Red Raspberry, Strawberry, and Wild Maine Blueberry) — plus, an adorable basket and berry tea towel. Buy a few and keep them for unexpected gifting needs — or, you know, just keep one for yourself.


1. This Beautiful Gardening Bag

Barebones Wax Canvas Gathering Bag - $78.00, Terrain

This weather- and water-resistant canvas bag is beautifully and thoughtfully crafted. Keep garden tools in there and gather flowers, herbs, or vegetables — or weed your garden. The removable and washable liner and the drop-out bottom makes this easy to clean, maintain, and use. It comes in two colors, and the convertible strap gives you the option of carrying it on your shoulder or on your back. The brand Barebones is also known for its work in disaster relief in underprivileged communities, so this is a gift that gives back.

2. A Convenient Canvas Garden Stool

Canvas Carry-All Garden Stool - $48.00, Terrain

A garden stool is such a lifesaver for anyone who has knee or lower back pain, and this beautiful canvas option from Terrain is both beautiful and functional — plus, it's easy to carry around and transport. It comes with a removable bag that you can add your garden tools to, and it's made of steel so it won't rust or warp. Clean it down with a damp cloth and you'll have it for years to come, and fold it down for easy storage.

3. This Beautiful Hummingbird Feeder

Perky-Pet Antique Glass Hummingbird Feeder - $15.70, Amazon

This gorgeous glass feeder looks antique and vintage — but most importantly, thousands of reviewers love it for its ability to attract and feed hummingbirds. You can fill it with store-bought nectar or make your own (just boil sugar and water). It'll require very little upkeep: just rinse and fill it around a week for best results.

4. An Indoor Garden With Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

AeroGarden Indoor Garden - $109, Amazon

An indoor garden is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to grow herbs or vegetables all year long — with no soil and only water. The LED lights are energy-efficient, turn automatically on and off, and the whole thing take the guesswork about when you need to water it, because the device will alert you. Given all that, it's no surprise that thousands of both novice and expert gardeners love the AeroGarden as an option for smaller apartments or places that don't allow healthy growing outside all year long. You can do so many different types of plans in here: reviewers mention growing delicious products like jalapeños, parsley, Roma tomatoes, basil, and romaine lettuce.

5. A Pack of Wildflower Seeds That Will Attract Hummingbirds & Butterflies

Mountain Valley Wildflower Seeds - $13.99, Amazon

These non-GMO seeds are made from a mix of 23 wildflowers and include beauties such as nasturtiums, sage, lemon mint, foxglove, and many more — all with the goal of attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. It'll create a healthy garden of wildflowers and will bloom anywhere in North America, and the bag comes with around 80,000 seeds.

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