The Band Perry Parts Ways With Big Machine Label Group

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The Band Perry has officially cut ties with Big Machine Label Group after receiving harsh criticism for their new pop-oriented sound.

“We and Big Machine Label Group have made a mutual decision to bring our working relationship to a close,” an announcement read on the Band Perry’s Facebook page. “We are grateful for 6 years of the big moments and great strides we made with our BMLG family and will carry that foundation forward with us as we begin the next leg of our journey.”

A statement from Big Machine Label Group simply stated that the two had “amicably parted ways,” while label founder Scott Borchetta voiced his admiration for the band in his following tweet.

In recent weeks, many have speculated that the relationship between The Band Perry and their label had unraveled following the failure of their 2015 single, “Live Forever.” The pop-leaning track was released alongside a new image that featured choreographed dance moves and a highly-stylized new look. It’s a strategy that works well for burgeoning pop starlets, but not already established country acts. The group’s haunting harmonies that led them to the top of the country charts were dumbed down with overproduction. The same band that gracefully addressed the pain of losing someone far too soon with “If I Die Young” chanted about wanting to live forever without any real passion or meaning.

The track was meant to lead the release of their new album, Heart + Beat. When “Live Forever” failed to make it onto the top 25 of the country charts, the record’s release was delayed indefinitely.

Last month, the group’s panned single suddenly disappeared from all digital outlets before reappearing 24 hours later. The band quickly assured their fans that it was all part of the plan, and to expect more news from them soon. It seems now that this was part of the process of retaining ownership over their online content before splitting with their label.

If the Perrys were hoping to distance themselves from their failed pop persona, why would they go out of their way to make sure they still had control of “Live Forever”? If anything, it signals the band’s intentions to stick with their new sound. The band has also stated in a reply to a fan on Facebook that they still plan on releasing an album, but it’s unclear if they are still planning on releasing Heart + Beat. Hopefully, they’ll take a hint from their fans and return to the sound that originally brought them to the top of the charts.

Whatever happens, The Band Perry’s giant misstep serves as a warning for other country artists who think jumping head-first into the pop world comes without consequences.

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The Band Perry Parts Ways With Big Machine Label Group