The 5 Health Benefits of Eating Cranberries All Year Long

Those little tart berries aren't just for making cranberry sauce and serving with a slice of turkey. A North America native, whole cranberries are farmed in over 400,000 acres in the Northern United States and Canada. Fresh cranberries, dried cranberries, even cranberry juice, is great for your health.

We rounded up five of our favorite health benefits of cranberries to share with you today. Not only are the small berries packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A, cranberry products are said to help with weight loss. So why not eat these berries year-round?

They Prevent UTI's

If there is one thing cranberries are best known for it is their ability to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Cranberries have a high level of antioxidant proanthocyanidins (PACs), which is said to stop certain bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract walls. 

Researchers at Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, have found that the best way to prevent UTI's is to take a cranberry capsule which contains a very high concentration of cranberries.

They Can Improve Your Digestion

If you are looking for something to help regulate your digestion system, look no further than fresh or dried cranberries. Packed with fiber (which helps reduce the risk of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and even weight loss) cranberries are the perfect fruit to snack on.

They May Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Remember PACs? Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, cranberries, especially cranberry juice, has been shown to boost HDL cholesterol levels by an average of 7%

Along with boosting your health cholesterol, cranberry juice may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by preventing build-up and reducing one's blood pressure. 

They Can Help Prevent Gum Disease

Smile big, a cup of cranberries is not only filled with powerful antioxidants, but it also benefits your oral health. Eating cranberries prevents bacteria from sticking to your gums and teeth.

They Can Boost Your Immune System

Think twice before grabbing a glass of orange juice the next time you feel a cold coming on. Cranberry juice contains 22% of your recommended daily value of vitamin C, which will fight off that nasty cold.

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