The Ultimate Guide To Camp Coffee + 5 Of Our Favorite Camping Coffee Products

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There's nothing quite like waking up in the great outdoors to a piping hot morning cup of coffee. Gearing you up for a big day of hiking, fishing, or lazily hanging around the campsite, there's something about that morning brew that makes the whole adventure worth it. The problem is, how do you make coffee camping when there's no outlet around? There's an easy answer: Camping coffee makers.

Sure, you could do it the old school way with good old cowboy coffee. But then once the pot gets low you're going to be chewing down your caffeine rather than drinking it. If you consider a coffee maker to be essential camping gear (and we do), you need the right gadget to replace your coffee pot from home.

Don't forget, you're going to need some kind of stovetop setup for boiling water, whether it's a camp stove or rig over a campfire. And unless you bring a hand coffee grinder for your coffee beans, make sure you grind your favorite coffee brew before you hit the trail with your camp coffee.

Here to help you solve this debacle, we rounded up the five best camping coffee makers to bring along the camping trip. Smell that? That's the happy smell of brewing coffee in the backcountry.

How to Make Coffee While Camping on the Trail

The brewing process isn't that much different than if you were making a cup of coffee at home! All you need is the right tools (yes, camping coffee machines exist!) and your favorite bag of ground coffee beans. Most of these coffee makers produce a single cup, so if you are making coffee for a crowd I would suggest going for a bigger cookware model.

Our Favorite Camping Coffee Makers

1. Ozark Trail 10-Cup Stainless Steel Percolator Coffee Pot

Best for: Family

If there was one brand out there that screams family camping trips it's Ozark. From tents to coolers, this well-known brand has long been supplying car camping families with all their outdoor gear. So what better camping coffee maker to caffeinate the whole gang than an Ozark coffee percolator?

This heavy-duty camping coffee maker gets high marks for ease of use, making it a favorite. Equipped with a built-in coffee filter, simply fill the basket up with ground coffee, pour in the water and watch it percolate until the coffee is ready. The percolator coffee maker can brew about 10 cups of hot coffee on a camping stove. Reviewers note that the stainless steel lid rivals competitors because it doesn't melt like plastic counterparts.

Clean up is straightforward too, making this coffee maker a win!

2. Stanley Adventure Camp Coffee Percolator 1.1 qt - Stainless Steel

Best For: Camping with Friends

First one up? Grab the Stanley, fill the percolator and make a cup of joe. The sleek, modern design features a removable silicone grip, which lets you take it off the heat without burning your hands.

If you're the type to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise while everyone else is snoozing or want to gear up for an early morning fishing trip, you'll be guaranteed a hot brew with the Stanley Adventure Camp Coffee Percolator.

Some reviewers have noted that you need a disposable coffee filter because some of the holes can be larger than ground coffee granules. Just be sure to grab a Stanley thermos or coffee mug to keep your cup of joe hot all morning when you are away from the campsite.

Once home, pop it in the dishwasher to clean it completely. Now that's easy.

3. Coleman Outdoor Grill Top, Drip Coffeemaker, Stainless Steel & Black

Best for: Gourmet couples

Sometimes you can't leave the comforts of home at home. The Coleman Outdoor Grill Top Drip Coffeemaker brings your beloved drip coffee maker to the outdoors thanks to your grill. Compatible with two- and three-burner camp stoves, this stainless steel coffeemaker is durably constructed and can be used to boil water as well as make delicious coffee.

It's the closest you'll get to your favorite drip coffee maker you left at home. With its pause-and-serve function, you'll be able to pour mugs of coffee for all of your campmates.

4. 2-Pk Silicone Coffee Filter

Best for: Minimalists

If you're the type to pack downlight, consider this silicone coffee filter for your camping coffee maker. As minimal as it gets, this silicone collapsible filter opens up to form a drip cone. Don't be fooled by its looks, although it packs minimal it brews anything but. The filter can withstand temperatures up to 480F, just in case you love your coffee piping hot. Simply place the spill-free fit-ring over your camping mug or insulated water bottle and use the pour over method with hot water.

This portable coffee maker is ideal for the backpacker on the go. If you'd rather backpack into your campsite or want to pack down light so you can have more space for all your kayaking gear, mountain bikes, or whatever your outdoor interest of choice is, this one is for you. Plus, since it is made out of reusable food-grade silicone you won't have to worry about destroying an expensive drip coffee maker during your next crazy adventure. Just remember to pack the #2 cone coffee filters!

5. Stanley Camp Coffee Pour Over Set - Hammertone Green

Best for: Classic Campers

Of course, you can't go wrong with a classic pour-over. Portable and durable, this beautiful green pour-over set is perfect for the woods. Add your favorite medium-ground coffee and add boiling water. Wait a few minutes then enjoy a steaming cup right in the mug! Once home pop it in the dishwasher to clean.

Start planning your next backpacking or Yosemite trip now with these camping coffee makers. Campers, here's your chance to be your own barista and make the best coffee you've ever had. Have your morning cup in minutes and enjoy coffee around the campfire.