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The 3 Best Bedroom Colors to Make Your Room a Tranquil Sleep Oasis

In some ways, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. It's where you begin and end each day and most importantly, where you sleep and unwind. Finding the perfect bedroom color can play a huge part in how you feel in this room and even how you're able to sleep each night. You want soothing colors and not something stark that activates the senses like a bright red.  

Here are our 3 best bedroom colors for your walls, guaranteed to make your room a relaxing oasis.

1. Shades of Blue

Blue is a tranquil color and the top of our list for a reason. Steer away from bright colors like turquoise that could be used as an accent in your color scheme. You could go either side of the spectrum with your blue bedroom though. Find a nice navy blue like Benjamin Moore's "Van Deusen Blue" to create cozy vibes. Something lighter like Benjamin Moore's "Woodlawn Blue: would look great with the natural light shining in through the windows each morning. Cool colors are incredibly relaxing (maybe because they look like water?) and will look perfect in any bedroom.

2. Neutral Tones

Neutral colors are always a winner for a bedroom. If you have a small bedroom, painting one of the walls a dark accent color to contrast with the other white walls will actually make the room feel bigger. Neutral tones aren't overwhelming to the senses and will still create a nice aesthetic. Plus, with the neutral colors, you can pretty much match it to any bedroom decor. Gray is one of my favorite colors for a master bedroom because it's so relaxing but easy to add in pops of color with your decor.

3. Green

A green bedroom might not be something you've thought of before but the natural tones actually make it a great wall color for your bedroom walls. Sherwin Williams' "Arugula" is a fun dark green option that would make a nice accent wall or a guest bedroom. Finding a more muted option in the "sage" family would be another perfect option that gives you a nice and relaxing setting to unwind after a stressful day.

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