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The 10 Clichés Women Who Drink Whiskey Hear All the Time

Women who enjoy a good whiskey are often met with shock from their male counterparts and I am here to set the record straight, because women can and should be allowed to enjoy a fine whiskey just like anyone else.

As a whiskey-loving woman, I am here to debunk all the myths that woman are used to hearing as they sip on their two fingers of whiskey, so that the next time you see a group of ladies enjoying a single malt Scotch whisky and some chit-chat you won't be inclined to ask them something ridiculous.

Have you heard these before?

1. Whiskey is a man's drink.

Whiskey is often associated with cowboys, grandfathers, and an after-dinner cigar, but last I heard, it's a free country and women can enjoy whiskey and cigars too.

2. Do you even know the difference between scotch and bourbon?

Geographical differences aside, Scotch is made from malted barley, while bourbon is made from corn. Honestly though, you don't have to understand it to drink it.

3. How do you take your whiskey?

Two fingers, neat of Lagavulin Scotch whisky aged 16 years, please.

What, did you expect me to say blended up in a fruity drink? Not that there's anything wrong if I wanted it that way, too.

4. But can you hold your own?

All day, every day, dude. What about you?

5. How hungover are you going to be tomorrow?

Hangovers vary among different body types, not genders. Besides, everyone gets hungover, it's nothing a couple of tacos can't cure.

6. Don't you want to order a whiskey sour or a Manhattan?

I prefer my whiskey straight up, but who cares if sometimes I like to mix it up.

7. You actually like the taste?

Women are more likely to be more tuned into their sense of taste than men because women actually have more taste buds than men.

Therefore women can taste the subtle oaky differences between different whiskeys better than men. So what do you actually taste there, bud?

8. You drink a lot of whiskey for a woman.

Who are you, the whiskey police? I am allowed to indulge after a hard day just like anyone else.

Would you say the same if it was a glass of wine?

9. Drinking whiskey isn't good for you.

I've got news for you, drinking in general for anybody isn't necessarily healthy, it doesn't matter which gender you are, sir.

However, whiskey does have quite a few health benefits.

10. Wow, a woman who drinks whiskey. I'm so impressed.

Both, whiskey and women have been around for ages, it's time everyone starts to realize that women enjoy drinking whiskey, too.

Cheers to my fellow women whiskey drinkers! Pour yourself another one and show us how you whiskey on Instagram with the hashtag, #WideOpenEats!