Your State's Favorite Thanksgiving Pie, Mapped

Thanksgiving and pie go together like Macy's and balloon floats. After the Thanksgiving meal is finished its time to bring out (in my opinion) the main event: the Thanksgiving pie. Some families keep it traditional with classic pumpkin pie and pecan pie while others like to think outside of the box and serve a buttery cream pie or cheesecake in a graham cracker crust. But which pie is the favorite Thanksgiving dessert in America? Thankfully our friends over at Instagram were able to figure it out, pie crust and all.

Popular Thanksgiving Pies By State


When it comes to pies the winner is...Cranberry?

Yep! It looks like social media users are talking about filling their pie plate with cranberry pie, making it a favorite Thanksgiving pie in Kansas, Massachusetts, Iowa, Rhode Island, Vermont, Minnesota, Oregon, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Washington, Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana.

Not as classic as flaky apple pie, cranberry pie recipes can be prepared in a variety of different ways such as no-bake, mixed with cream cheese, or prepared as a crumble pie topped with whipped cream.

The View From Great Island has a recipe on their blog for a Cranberry Gingersnap Pie. This Thanksgiving pie recipe features a spicy gingersnap crust topped with a silky curd filling. The vibrant pie would taste delicious paired with vanilla ice cream.

Get the recipe here.

The next pie on the list is Sweet Potato Pie, which was a clear winner in Virginia, Ohio, Mississippi, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Deleware, Georgia, and Tennessee. This traditional desert is usually comprised of a tender crust and filled with a sweet potato pie filling flavored with brown sugar, cinnamon, and other spices. Sometimes its topped with meringue or marshmallows while some prefer to make a lattice pattern with their pie dough to decorate the top.

The map shows that blueberry pie is a less popular choice, beloved in New York, Oklahoma, Alaska, New Jersey, and Utah. As for pecan pie, it's obviously Texas's favorite, along with South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, and Indiana.

As for pumpkin pie only three states had it on their list: California, Nevada, and Arizona. Served as a slab pie or topped with a streusel, it's one of the most popular pies of Thanksgiving, but not according to Instagram.

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This post was originally published on December 24, 2020.