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10 Easy Recipes for Thanksgiving for Two

Cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal for several people is not for the faint of heart. Between the sides, the dessert, and the turkey, you could spend days buried in prep work. If you prefer to keep your Thanksgiving small and only cook for two people, you're in luck. We've gathered up 10 Thanksgiving recipes to cook Thanksgiving for two. No need to worry about lacking a Thanksgiving feast. Thanksgiving dinner will feel just as special and filling as ever. Be prepared for big flavors in small packages. And the best part? Only needing to clean up after two people.

10 Easy Recipes for Thanksgiving for Two

1. Air Fryer Turkey Breast

One of the perks of cooking Thanksgiving for two is not needing to fit the whole bird into your oven. This recipe cooks the turkey breast in an air fryer, rendering crispy skin with juicy meat.

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2. Stuffin Muffins

Stuffing is comfort food 101 and no Thanksgiving meal is complete without it. This recipe is perfect for the novice home cook, as you only need boxed stuffing mix, eggs, and olive oil.

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3. Cornish Game Hen With Garlic and Rosemary

If you're looking for a unique substitute for roast turkey, swap the turkey for some Cornish game hens. The cook time is about 50 minutes, which is significantly less than roasting a whole turkey. The whole recipe makes 12 muffins, perfect for leftovers.

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4. Green Bean Casserole

A classic side dish on Thanksgiving menus large or small is green bean casserole. This updated version uses mushrooms, bacon, and lots of cheese

to amp up the flavors. You can easily adjust the serving size to fit your Thanksgiving for two.

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5. Whipped Sweet Potato Casserole

No holiday meal is complete without dessert, Thanksgiving included. While pumpkin pie may be the classic Thanksgiving dessert, individual sweet potato casseroles make a perfect side for two. Brown sugar, orange zest, and mini marshmallows are added to the sweet potatoes and cooked in individual ramekins. No sharing is required!

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6. Slow Cooker Brussel Sprouts

Even with two people, you can't skimp on thanksgiving sides. Veggies are often overlooked, but these tasty slow cooker brussels sprouts may steal the show with their tangy balsamic reduction.

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7. Quick Cranberry Sauce

This insanely easy recipe comes together in 5 minutes thanks to the instant pot. You can double or halve the recipe depending on how many leftovers you'd like.

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8. Sheet Pan Thanksgiving

Using a sheet pan allows for Thanksgiving turkey and the fixin's to be made at once. This is the perfect amount for a Thanksgiving for two.

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9. Mashed Potatoes


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No meal is complete without the requisite carb. Mashed potatoes tend to make a ton, but if you use 1lb of potatoes, you'll have just enough to two. Feel free to mix in the turkey drippings for an added flavor bomb.

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10. Caramelized Butternut Squash

Roast only one small squash for a delectable side dish fit for two.

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