Texas Wounded Warrior to Open Veteran-Run Restaurant

A San Antonio-based Army veteran is raising funds to open a new restaurant that will be completely staffed by veterans.

Former U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Bobby Henline's life changed forever in 2007, when his patrol's vehicle hit a roadside bomb while on patrol in Iraq. Five of his comrades died from the explosion, while Henline was left severely injured.

"In the first year I didn't know what I was going to do. I had survivor's guilt," Purple Heart recipient Henline told KENS5. I didn't know what to do. I felt useless. I thought, 'Why am I here?' Then I learned through sharing my story that I can help others (and) look at life in another perspective."

The San Antonio native was inspired by a friend who had opened a restaurant in California called Biggie's Burgers and Great Shakes.


"He's a Korean [War] vet who owns it and he just wants to give back," Henline said. "He's had it for 25 years and he wants to train other veterans to have their own restaurant."

Now, Henline plans to follow in his friend's footsteps by opening a restaurant fully-run by fellow veterans.

"My plan is to hire a veteran to be my manager," Henline explained. "We want to hire veterans to work for us, too. I hate asking for money. I don't feel like anyone owes us veterans anything. We chose to do this. We chose to go and serve."

Henline hopes to raise $300,000 by May to help make his dream a reality. "If people want to help out, it's a great way to help out," he says. "You're going to help that veteran continue their life. It's the reason why I finally reached out to ask for more funding."

Those interested in helping Henline's cause can donate to his GoFundMe account.

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Texas Wounded Warrior to Open Veteran-Run Restaurant