Texas Woman Honors Veterans with Powerful Christmas Display

One Texas family decided to honor veterans with a powerful outdoor Christmas display.

Nancy Schriever told KHOU she designed the lawn decorations to honor all of her nation’s everyday heroes. It’s a cause that hits home for Schriever, whose father was a firefighter. Schriever’s husband also works as a paramedic and her youngest daughter is a first responder.

“I so appreciate and am so thankful for my freedom,” Schriever explained. “We’ve done Santa Claus on a Sea-Doo pulling Rudolph on some skis, on the other side of the yard we brought in sand and had a full sand volleyball court.”

She designed a kneeling Santa to sit outside the military medallions that represent each branch of the military. “I wanted Santa to be praying,” said Schriever. “I wanted the symbol that there are those of us over here still praying daily for our military.”

“We just wanted to represent each department, each branch of the military,” she said. The display has earned the attention and support of many of Schriever’s neighbors.

“Every time I’d leave I’d get tears in my eyes because I could tell what she was doing. She would keep adding to it,” William Hedge, a neighbor and veteran, said. “It really grew into something special.”

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Texas Woman Honors Veterans with Powerful Christmas Display