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Texas Veteran's Traffic Stop Turned Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement Goes Viral

Most of us are taken by surprised when we see those flashing red and blue lights behind us on the road. Getting pulled over is never fun, but one Texas man got the surprise of his life during a recent traffic stop.

According to Fox4KC, U.S. Army veteran Jarred Wright and his wife, Nikki, were pulled over while driving through their town of Hurst, Texas. Wright first met Hurst Police Department Officer Todd Colichia after he called a crisis hotline. Colichia helped Wright get treatment for severe PTSD and anxiety after returning home from a tour of Afghanistan.

The two became friends, so Wright was slightly relieved to see the familiar face approach his drivers side window. Still, he had no idea why he was being pulled over. It turns out that Wright was driving with a child in the vehicle, but there was no carseat in the back. What happened next is sure to make you smile.

After his wife surprised him with a positive pregnancy test, Wright couldn't believe the happy news.


"She hit me with the surprise and I was relieved," he told BuzzFeed. "I was ecstatic and I went into complete shock. I felt elated."

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Nikki Wright found out she was pregnant while her husband was receiving treatment, so it only felt right to involve Colichia in the big reveal. Congrats to the happy couple on their upcoming bundle of joy!

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