Texas Town Votes to Stop 'Fixer Upper' Barndomonium Rentals


What started as a fun venture for Joanna Gaines on season 3 of HGTV's Fixer Upper has quickly come to a controversial end. On Tuesday (Oct. 18), the Lacy Lakeview City Council voted to keep the infamous "Barndomonium" project from going on the market as a rental.

If you are a fan of the show, you probably remember this episode very well. Gaines was finally able to live out her dream of transforming a barn into a home. However, many fans were not impressed with the way Gaines designed the space.

While the home features a huge dining area, two bathrooms, five bedrooms and room for 20 to stay in the home, the kitchen design was a little questionable. Some viewers weren't too happy with its placement on the second floor.

However, it wasn't the design of the home that had the Lacy Lakeview City Council concerned. Instead, it was the idea of having a famous rental property in their town. According to The Waco Tribunemany feared that it would draw in too many tourists and increase traffic in the residential neighborhood. With the concerns of the other citizens in mind, the council chose to void the home's rental license for the foreseeable future.

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Joanna Gaines previously released a statement saying she never intends for the owners of the homes she builds to rent them. Instead, she creates each custom-designed space for the homeowner to live in full-time. In the future, the Gaines' team plans to do a little more research on the potential client before they begin building to ensure that they will stay long-term.

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Texas Town Votes to Stop 'Fixer Upper' Barndomonium Rentals