Thousands of Dead Fish Mysteriously Wash up in Coastal Texas Town


One coastal Texas town is cleaning up a huge mess today. A massive amount of dead fish started washing up on shore in Matagorda, roughly 95 miles southeast of Houston.

According to USA Today, YouTube personality Kyle Naegeli was in Matagorda, Texas, when he spotted the strange occurrence. He captured the aftermath on camera.

Naegeli, who goes by the name "The Fisher Whisperer," said this was something he had never seen before.

"This is one of the craziest things I've seen in my life," he says in the video. "Just massive amounts of fish."

He said he was staying on a river channel that feeds into the Gulf of Mexico when he noticed the fish washing up on shore.

"All of a sudden a huge amount of menhaden started to surface and then die," Naegeli wrote in the video's description. "Pretty soon there were miles of menhaden washing up and dying along with other bigger game fish."

The event has left many scratching their heads. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are currently investigating the incident, and think it may be due to an algae bloom. TPWD says that blooms have caused other massive fish kills in the same area.

However, they also say that the kill might be because of a depletion of dissolved oxygen in the water. Steve D. Lightfoot, a spokesman for the TPWD, told USA Today that "menhaden enter the river channel from the Gulf in large numbers, which can deplete dissolved oxygen levels in the water."

Residents aren't likely looking forward to beginning the process of cleaning up the aftermath of this disaster.

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