Texas-Themed Emojis Have Arrived!

You can finally show your love for everything and anything Texas-related through your text messages thanks to a brand new app.

Singer Rich O'Toole and @SorryImTexan founder Sean Compton are the geniuses behind this new set of emojis, created to help you put the "Tex back in text messaging." Texmoji gives you access to 120 original emojis that are specifically designed with Texans in mind.
There's almost an emoji for anything a Texas could think of. Want to remember the Alamo? You got it. Need an armadillo emoji? Yep, they have it. The app even features the long-awaited taco emoji, much to the delight of Tex-Mex lovers around the world. This set of emojis made for was initially announced through the company's Twitter page back in May and caused a lot of buzz online.

Now, the app is officially out and allows you to show your appreciate for Whataburger, big cowboy hats and the Texas state flag whenever you want.

Unfortunately for Android users, Texmoji is currently only available for iPhone users who have iOS 7 or iOS 8. You can download the app for $1.99 on iTunes now. More information about the app is available at their official Twitter page.

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Texas-Themed Emojis Have Arrived!