Facebook: Texas Testicle Festival

The First Annual Texas Testicle Festival is Coming to Fredericksburg

Uncross your legs and head over to the town of Fredericksburg on January 18 from noon to 8 pm to have a ball at the first annual Best of Texas Testicle Festival! Hosted by the Best of Texas, the Texas Testicle Festival is sure to be a nutty time. According to the Facebook page, attendees will be tasting and eating a wide variety of animal testicles including bull testicles as well as organs from calves, lambs, roosters, and turkeys. Along with all the rocky mountain oysters you can handle, the festival will also include a full bar, lawn games, live music, and a small petting zoo for the kids.

While this is the first testy fest for the Best of Texas group, it isn't the first in the United States, or for Texas for that matter. Castell General Store has been running its own Testicle Fest for over 8 years. The city of Clinton, Montana has been serving up the cowboy fare since 2005 at their annual Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival. In some parts of the country you don't need a festival to try a bite of a fried testicle. One place to always grab one is at Coors Field during a Colorado Rockies baseball game.

Eating animal testicles has been in practice for ages. Back in the Roman times, it was believed "eating a healthy animal's organ might correct some ailment in the corresponding human organ". Today, farmers remove testicles from their animals so they can grow meatier and behave less masculine. Once the testicles are removed from the animal, young farmers would clean and fry it up for a good meal.

How to Make Rocky Mountain Oysters

Known as calf fries, prairie oysters and cowboy caviar, rocky mountain oysters are fried bull testicles. To prepare, remove the skin that surrounds each testicle and slice into rounds. Marinate in beer for two hours, then coat the organs in flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs. Fry until golden brown and serve with hot pepper sauce.

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