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This Texas Taco Chain Made It onto Jeopardy!

When you reach the level of name recognition that makes you an easy answer on Jeopardy!, you know you've made it. Countless Texans across the state on May 15, 2018, spotted a hometown favorite on the question boards. Under the category "Goodbye Mr. Chip," this taco chain became nationally synonymous with one of their best dishes: queso.

The clue for $400 was, "If I'm down Austin way, I say goodbye to my chips after dunking them in this cheesy dip, like the one at Torchy's." The answer was, of course, queso. Would you have gotten it? Any Lone Star State fan should've! Torchy's Tacos posted the video clip on their Twitter feed and it's amazing to hear Trebek pick up a little Texas twang.

Of course Erica nailed it and continued on her answering streak. Jeopardy! has been on the air, in some form or another, since 1964, though the daily syndicated version didn't begin until 1984. Over 7,000 episodes have aired and it's won a record 33 Daytime Emmy Awards.

The American classic has brought out the best in families for generations and we hope it will continue for generations to come, especially if there are more Texas-themed questions. After all, what brings a family together more than trying to best each other at a little bit of trivia each night? So few television shows today feature an educational element, which really shows just how important Jeopardy! is in contemporary times.

Did you catch this live? Let us know in the comments! Of course, Torchy's has amazing tacos, but we have a list of the 10 best queso spots in Texas you should visit if you ever decide to get serious about this Southwestern delicacy.

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