ghost peppers
Screengrab via YouTube

Texas Scoutmaster Eats 23 Ghost Peppers to Raise Money for Troop

What would it take for you to eat 23 of the hottest peppers in the world? For one Fredericksburg scoutmaster, raising money for his troop was worth all the pain.

In a YouTube video posted by Troop 317, assistant scoutmaster Jonny ate 23 ghost peppers to raise money for their group. Scoutmaster Gayne Young opens the video, laying out the devastatingly hot scene. According to Young, the troop needed raise money for scholarships and uniforms for their scouts.

So, like anyone would do, they created a viral video featuring assistant scoutmaster Jonny doing the unthinkable. While the video was created to raise money, Young makes sure to tell viewers not to attempt the same deed. He then goes on to explain just how hot the ghost peppers are, revealing that they even wore protective covering while filming.

Needless to say, the video of assistant scoutmaster Jonny eating the ghost peppers will make you sweat. As he eats the "delicious" peppers, the scoutmaster giggles and writhes throughout. But don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Scoutmaster Jonny has to have a stomach lined with steel or something.

The ghost pepper was certified as the "Hottest Pepper in the World" by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007. If  you feel like taking your own spicy challenge, consider trying out the world's spiciest tortilla chip, packaged in a tiny coffin.

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