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Texas Realtor Offers $250 in Free Tacos with Home Purchase

If you give a Texan a taco, you feed him or her for a meal. If you convince a Texan to buy a home from you for $250 in free tacos, you'll get the best publicity ever. Nicole Lopez-Cummins of Intero Real Estate Services launched a career changing move with only one sign that went viral. Appearing on a Facebook meme page called Shut the Front Door, the photo quickly circulated the internet at lightning speed.

Local Houston station KPRC reached out to Lopez, who promised $250 in free tacos upon the sale of this home in Cypress, Texas.

The home did indeed sell, and as Lopez told KPRC, "The buyer is definitely going to get the tacos. He's planning a taco party at the end of February." After closing, he'll receive his taco bounty in one of two ways. The first is that a credit will be provided at closing for a "non-realty item" or an addendum can be added for $250 toward the closing costs for the taco perk. So no, the buyer won't personally be delivered tacos by Lopez, but instead can choose his tacos at will.

With the best investment of a $60 sign, Lopez is finding that her popularity has skyrocketed. As part of an all-female team, it's fantastic to see strong women in business getting the credit they deserve, even if it took a promise of tacos to get there. As for the idea, she told KPRC that "tacos just seemed like a really good idea at the time." She even jokes that, while there will be copycats, she's thinking about marketing herself as "the original taco Realtor."

We fully support that rebranding, and it's no surprise that Lopez pulled off such a successful campaign. As nationally recognized realtor under 30, per her Instagram, Lopez has built an incredible career so far, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

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