Texas Prepares for First Wave of Marijuana Legalization

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This article was originally published in January.

Government officials are preparing to issue licenses that allow retailers to sell marijuana-based products across the state.

The licenses will be given to select dispensaries which will allow them to sell low-THC cannabis products like cannabis oil. These oils can help individuals suffering from intractable epilepsy, which can cause seizures that are not treatable with traditional drugs.

According to MySanAntonio, this development was spurred by the implementation of the Compassionate Use Program, which regulates the distribution of low-THC cannabis to those with medical issues. Although the beginning stages of the program will be rolled out in the coming weeks, the state is still nearly a year away from full implementation of the law.

The Department of Public Safety is holding off on licensing a large amount of dispensaries until they come up with a structured set of guidelines that potential organizations must adhere to. Therefore, the government will not license the first dispensing organization until June 2017, after the exact guidelines are completed.

Although Texas is preparing to allow sales of low-THC cannabis oil, the unauthorized sale, growth and usage of marijuana are still illegal. A bill to fully legalize the recreational use of marijuana made it through the Texas House Committee, but has not yet been brought to the House floor.

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Texas Prepares for First Wave of Marijuana Legalization