Texas Police Officer Bonds with Grateful Deer After Rescue

Police officers do a lot of rescuing during their careers. But one Fulshear, Texas police officer got the surprise of his life during his quest to save an abused deer.

Officer Zieschang thought that the rescue was a simple one. He just needed to untie the deer and let him go, but the deer had other plans. He refused to leave without properly thanking his rescuer. The deer, which soon earned the name "Uncle Buck," walked straight up to the officer and began giving him kisses.

The police department wound up posting the officer's body cam footage on their Facebook page, which has no gone viral. "After a few hugs and kisses and most importantly a scratch behind the ears, the grateful Buck walked back to the woods located behind the homes to tell the story of his rescue by the Fulshear Police," the caption wrote. But this wasn't the end of the story.

Everyone was surprised and delighted to see "Uncle Buck" come back to greet Officer Zieschang while he was talking with reporters. Unfortunately, this behavior told officials that they were working with a domesticated deer, which meant he was no longer safe to roam the area. Fortunately, the Parks and Wildlife Department found "Uncle Buck" a new safe location to call home.

Currently, the Fulshear Police Department is still trying to figure out how the deer became tied to the tree. They've requested that anyone with additional info on the case to contact them as soon as possible.

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Texas Police Officer Bonds with Grateful Deer After Rescue